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Laptop Repair Melbourne
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5 out of 5 stars

Adnan Mughal
Adnan Mughal

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Love the service. The technician was very friendly and explain me everything in plan English. I believe the hourly charges was little over the average but still worth it.

Moaz Azhar
Moaz Azhar

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Really love the service. Fix my computer on friday night and charge me very reasonable fee. The technician i must say was friendly and gave all the best options.I highly recommend this company to those who have trouble with their computer.

luke connor
luke connor

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

My laptop was not turning on at all. It was keep giving me blue screen error on start. The technician from the company was really helpful. He save all my data and install new OS. Really love the professionalism. I think the cost was little expensive but its still worth it.

Computer And Laptop Repair Service In Melbourne

Facing those typical issues with your computer or laptop? Is it just the booting issue or the windows also crashes or freezes up while starting? Is it the slow running computer and you also get to see blue screen too often? We, at Melbourne Computers Repair, have the best solution for every single problem you may be facing with your computer or laptop!

Computer repair melbourne have the skills needed for getting your machine up and running within no time. You can get most experienced technicians working on your machine to fix all the problems that it may be creating no matter what the reason behind it may be. Whether your personal computer/laptop is faulty or you are a business based in Melbourne which needs some remedial action to be taken about its sluggish computers, our highly skilled and experienced technicians will be at your service throughout the week. We have a “No Fix No Fee” policy which means you lose nothing at the end of the day. However, we still value your time and tell you the realistic situation about what kind of repair your machine needs and whether we’ll be able to fix it or not. But you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with a properly running computer or laptop as we have 100% success rate.

Here is a short list of services that we offer:
• Windows upgrade, repair and re-installation
• Hardware troubleshooting
• Software troubleshooting
• Upgrading computer specifications
• Virus and spyware removal

Laptop & Computer Virus Removal Melbourne

Are those unwanted pop-ups, laptop crashes or freezes, and the fake alerts asking you to buy some software for removing infections driving you crazy? Well, it is very much possible that you’re facing a virus infection with your laptop.

Our expert laptop repair technicians in Melbourne, have all the experience in the world in removing those nifty viruses and spyware infections and you won’t have to re-install windows and all your software either. When it comes to laptop virus removal, we offer same day service with the guarantee that we will give you a laptop that will be completely free of any kind of malicious software. We also install the most updated antivirus software to your machine so that it protects it in the future as well. Just trust us and you won’t have to regret the decision of hiring us for the job.

With our expert computer repair technicians and latest methods for virus removal, there is no need of risking all those important documents and personal data you may have stored on your machine. All you have to do is to give us a call and we’ll reach out to you in order to provide onsite services at the most affordable prices.

Computer Hardware Repairing Service

Computer hardware is as important as computer software for the proper working of these machines. If some hardware component of a computer machine is not working properly or has broken, immediate attention must be paid to it to make sure that the computer continues to work properly.

Computer hardware repairs require specialized skills, especially, for the diagnosis of the parts that actually are malfunctioning and causing the problem. It could be anything, a hard disk, a ram, or even processor which may need to be repaired or replaced. Only expert technicians can tell on the very first interaction with the machine that what exactly has gone wrong. That’s where Melbourne Computers Repair takes lead from the competition. Our hardware specialists have years of experience to back their technical skills and this experience is put to use for giving our customers the most timely and accurate hardware repairs.

Whether you’re a business with lots of computers connected in a network or just a home computer user, we can provide you a quick fix while making sure that the issues with the faulty hardware parts of your computer are completely resolved and you can put it back to work.
Call us today for an estimate for your repair job and our staff will guide you through the process and will provide you with the most realistic quote.

Same Day And Reliable Software Fix

No business can run efficiently with a certain set of software programs in today’s tech-savvy world. With everything getting automated, businesses have also opted to automate their operations. But, as it goes, software are bound to get faulty at some point in time and a quick fix is needed for making sure that business operations continue without any interruption. Fortunately, we have the expertise and experience to cater to your most challenging software repair requirements.

Whether it is some off-the-shelf solution or customized software that may have gone rouge, we possess the necessary skills and right technical hands that can fulfill your requirements.

What makes our service stand out from the rest is that we deliver same day and onsite services to make sure your business has to face minimum downtime. We truly claim that there is nothing in the world that we can’t fix and we make sure that we live up to your expectations.

Email, Internet, Scanning And Printing Fixing

With everything going global courtesy internet, there is always the need of keeping everything safe and secure. There are hackers and crackers everywhere nowadays and it is always best to be safe than sorry. Fortunately, you have the expertise of experienced technicians at Melbourne Computers repair who can make the internet a safe place for you to browse and perform your day-to-day activities.

We will setup your business or personal email and provide scanning services to make sure that all your correspondence remains safe when floated in the treacherous online world.

Furthermore, our technicians have great hands on experience in fixing any make and model of scanning and printing machines. You can trust these technical hands to give you fully functional machines back to continue with your business operations without any kind of interruption. It is our top priority to reduce your business’s downtime as much as we can. After all, it’s the value delivered that counts!